Welcome to the world of Human Geography! AP Human Geography is a course that focuses on the distribution and processes of human beings on the planet. This course synthesizes the systematic study of human patterns that have affected human culture, and human understanding, modification, and use of the Earth’s surface. In this course, students will gain the skill to examine social organization, socioeconomic organization, and environmental consequences with spatial and landscape concepts. Thus, the following topics will be outlined: Nature of and Perspectives on Geography, Population, Cultural Patterns and Processes, Political Organization of Space, Agricultural and Rural Land Use, Industrialization and Economic Development, Cities and Urban Land Use. Students will utilize the methods, tools, and concepts of geographers and the professionals of this science. This course teaches students to interpret data, primary sources, contemporary current events, geographic models, maps, GIS, aerial photographs, and satellite images in order to identify the key components of past and present movements and developments of human beings and their environment. Students will be able to interpret different scales of spatiality and relate it to local and global scopes.

The intent of this course is to challenge students to utilize technology, history, and geography to become skilled global citizens. With the world changing every day, the newly molded citizens of our nation have the educational right to be aware of the political, cultural, economical, and environmental happenings in the space around them, both locally and globally. With this knowledge, students will be able to become proactive advocates for the physical world they will soon inherit. Students will not only receive the challenge and experience of taking a college-level course, they will be receiving the capacity to excel in a potential career in politics, social advocacy, GIS and satellite development, journalism, environmental science, and education. AP Human Geography is a course that promotes awareness of multiculturalism alongside practical career development.